Valentine’s Day

The difficulty of getting married in later part of January is that you have a little time in hand to know your beloved’s likes & dislikes. Especially if she is too coy & if we stay with our parents, your time is much restricted to find out her favourite. After all Valentine’s Day is on the 14th Feb. A fortnight into my marriage , she is the best thing to have happened, made for each other & all that stuff. She is my valentine.
Luckily a brief outing just this past week let me knew that she is fond of blue, Shah rukh, vada Pav, Apple products. It made me confront with her on a few issues for fun since I am a Google Fan.
Behind all this I will be choosing a iPad Pro 64Gb for her as a gift. HARSHA, my favorite outlet in the city, here I come.

Spirited Indian Youth Champion ICC U19 World Cup

India is the ICC U19 CWC Champions for 2018.
Manjot Kalra scores a century in the final of the U-19 World Cup as India wins the Cup for the 4th time.India wins by 8 Wickets. This is Inspirational. The Future stars for Indian Sports have performed well.

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These are the stories that we rejoice at HARSHA.The magic is winning when we strategise the Targets. That is whats done at HARSHA too In all areas. Brands and Category acquiring for the year, Stock Targets, New and Repeat Customers by the day, CSAT levels, Sales figures, Social Media reviews and Star ratings.To Continuously Excel is our watch-word.Congratulations to Team India U19 for motivating us to improve our self in reaching bigger milestone.

Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad

It has been a long-pending request of my daughter. I somehow had not paid much thought when she had demanded a Full-length mirror during her college days.It was her mom, who had reminded me last fortnight about her visit from USA and the mirror. My daughter will be visiting India for the vacation after her 1 year on-site project at San Jose.

We had walked into the HARSHA furniture division at Udupi and ordered for a Complete Dressing Mirror set. The sales guy had a few recommendations to compliment my wife’s requirement. We later bought from their new showroom at Ajjarkad, a few missing accessories like the Hair Dryer, Beverage Maker. Yesterday when it was delivered, I was quite happy that my daughter will now find a loving father.


Buy Microwave Oven @ HARSHA

When I moved to Bangalore on my new job,my mom had suggested me to buy a Microwave Oven among other things.You can reheat the food you cook or buy she had advised.She did not use one at home anyways. So she would not recommend the brand, size etc.,


I chose to walk in to HARSHA, the nearby store. I had noticed it on my way to office. The facade had drawn me to it. As I entered even the ambience and display impressed me. A smiling executive posed, how he could be of help. As I said oven he ushered me towards the elevator leading to the 3rd Level. The next 20 minutes were one of my best shopping experience about choice of brands to food habits to price. I came out of the showroom with a bag full of items from ovens to flask to plates & cups.

My mom will feel happy when I call her this evening !!


Somehow I was not convinced about buying online. Still I thought I will give try.I had bought a Top Load Washing Machine 2 years back from HARSHA.I did the basic Googling before I browsed the HARSHA online portal.

I wanted a LED TV for my home.The living room was spacious enough to accommodate a 50” for good view.It was fun though that I could compare a couple of LED TV models.I had chosen the offers but there was NO EMI option.As I was hovering for a minute or two, a chat popped-up if I would require some help.It was their Digital team.I told them I had zeroed down to my choice of brand of LED TV and when delivery would be ?There was no Cash On Delivery they had chatted. They also said that EMI option has not been incorporated as yet. I suggested them, it would help.I entered my Credit card details and received a mail about the same instantly.Awaiting the delivery in the next 24-hours.


Adopt Smarter Technology,Embrace Innovation !!

Technology is changing by the day or shall I say by the minute?

The Facebook, the Amazons, the Googles continue to boggle me. The search algorithms , their reach, the analytics they predict, entirely managing our lives is phenomenal.

You can surely fall by the wayside if you do not have the latest gizmos – Smartphone , Laptop, LED TVs with you.


Luckily HARSHA has been there for all my purchases since almost 15-20 years. Their updates keep me stay relevant. Now their Facebook and SMSes help me a lot.

I stay connected 👍 All the time !!


Buy Home Theatre @ HARSHA

Change is the only constant they say Truly YES. The way we book a movie ticket, the ambience in which we watch it the sound system.The total experience I would say I should create it in my Home for my parents. I had set it up when I visited Belgaum, India recently. I bought a Home Theatre recommended by HARSHA. The prices were reasonable,the delivery was in time & the guys from the Company gave a neat demo. I subscribed for a Netflix annual term.

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Shopping @ HARSHA

Real estate market may slowly come alive. Padmavati & Deepika Padukone may be spoken about egg prices soar. But there are Heart-Warming news items like our own Manushi Chillar being crowned Miss World (after say 17 years?). Sri Dalveer Bhandari being Elected to International Court of Justice (first since 71 years). Proud of them

Happy Times coming soon @ HARSHA

Waiting with expectation on offers and gifts for the coming Christmas Season. Shopping at HARSHA is one more joy to add to this list.