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Product Description
  • 6-Step LCD contrast adjustable
  • 30 Incoming calls memory
  • 5 Outgoing Calls memory
  • Display of Real time and Date in Idle mode
  • Conversation time Display
  • Ringer Volume adjustable
  • Redial
  • Pause
  • FSK/DTMF compatible Caller-ID
  • Toggle Mute
  • Auto add 0 in Call Back
  • Local Area Code filter upto 5-digits
  • Two way Speakerphone with Speaker Volume control Switch
  • VIP number storage
  • In- use LED indication
Warranty1 Year Warranty*
Product Description
Description 6-Step LCD contrast adjustable~30 Incoming calls memory~5 Outgoing Calls memory~Display of Real time and Date in Idle mode~Conversation time Display~Ringer Volume adjustable~Redial~Pause~FSK/DTMF compatible Caller-ID~Toggle Mute~Auto add 0 in Call Back~Local Area Code filter upto 5-digits~Two way Speakerphone with Speaker Volume control Switch~VIP number storage~In- use LED indication
Type Cordless
Warranty 1 Year Warranty*

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